US bank boss Dimon says economy will boom until 2023

All of us would like to know what the future holds. Unfortunately, predicting the future is not something most investors are very good at, at least in the short term. The share market is supposed to be a rational market mechanism. And it does function that way, most of the time. But, as the old saying goes, ‘markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent’. Hence why making short-term bets usually doesn’t work out that well. But there are some investors out there that are usually worth listening to when it comes to what the economy and share market have in store all the same. Warren Buffett is one, Ray Dalio is another. And Jamie Dimon is a third.

Mr Dimon is…

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S&P/ASX 200 
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7,328.00  2.20  0.03%  
Dow Jones Industrial Average 
34,200.67  164.67  0.48%  
S&P 500 
4,185.47  15.05  0.36%  
NASDAQ Composite 
14,052.34  13.54  0.10%  
16,186.30  69.50  0.43%  
FTSE 100 
7,034.89  15.36  0.22%  
15,472.57  12.82  0.08%  
Nikkei 225 
29,685.37  2.00  0.01%  
29,106.15  136.44  0.47%